Brent Cooper has worked for Big Branch Breeders Service for 10 years.  As a commercial cattle producer, Brent brings life experience as well as a BS in Animal Science from Arkansas Tech to the business.  Brent has been married for 23 years and is a father of two.   Brent's wife has taught high school math for 20 years.  His son is in vet school at Ross University on St. Kitt island and recently completed an internship in Russia breeding cattle.  His daughter is in her first year at Oklahoma State.

Brent has worked as ranch manager for Parker Red Angus Ranch and Briggs Ranch in Texas and Oklahoma before that.  He has also attended the Graham School of cattle management in Kansas.

Brent services our Northwest area of our state.

Tom and Elene Murray have been married for 40 years.  They have owned Big Branch Breeders Service for 15 years and have been cattle ranchers for over 30.  They are parents of three and grandparents of five. With their parents and children, Tom and Elene live together on 150 acres and manage BBBS from their farm.  Their innovation and determination made the dream of serving Arkansas cattle producers a reality.

Tom is the Parish Council President and serves on the Finance Committee at his church.  He enjoys his farm, gardening, and spending time with his grandchildren. 


In addition to managing the Big Branch office, Elene also volunteers in the church as a song leader.  She enjoys traveling, kayaking, her chickens, and grassroots conservation efforts for which she has received several national and state awards.


From Tennessee, Stan McPeake was raised on an Angus farm; he has cattle in his blood.  He was so interested in the business of cattle farming, he earned multiple degrees in the subject with an emphasis on Herd Profitability.  He holds a BS in Agriculture, a MS in Animal Science, and a PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding.  He has been with BBBS for 10 years and came to us as the Beef Extension Specialist for Arkansas.

Stan is married and has two kids who attend in the Benton School District.    His wife works for the Arkansas Extension Service as the state's Wildlife Specialist and holds a PhD in Wildlife Biology; she also plays the cello .  Stan enjoys hunting, traveling with his family, and mission work.  He also helps with his kids' 4-H work.

​Stan services our North East and Southwest area.