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Big Branch Breeders Service has the knowledge and experience to apply researched practices to cattle operations of every size.  From synchronization to artificial insemination, our experienced technicians are adept at providing  a complete cattle pregnancy package. Our clients are also provided with consulting services.  As an Arkansas business and fellow cattle producer, we consider your success our personal goal.

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"Big Branch Breeding Service has been great to work with.  They have provided sound advice in regard to semen and sire selection along with state-of-the-art protocols to ensure maximum success with the entire TAI process.  Tom an Brent are excellent an highly experienced A.I. technicians an care deeply about the success of their efforts in getting our cows bred.  They are very efficient, professional, an depenable an have done a great job for us.  We would highly recommend them to anyone consiering an artificial insemination program." -Phillip Smith & David Taylor-STP Cattle

Heavier Calves

Through the use of synchronization, calves will be born earlier in the calving season. Calves will be older and weigh more because they are older.

Why synchronize & breed cows or heifers?

Affordable - Effective - Convenient 

Get proven, consistent results.

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The Best Genetics

Utilize elite bulls from each breed. Increase calving ease and weaning weights, improve carcass merit, and produce replacement heifers with exceptional maternal traits.

Highly Accurate

Heavily used bulls provide predictability and reduce risk. These superior bulls will achieve set goals and produce a consistent calf-crop with matched genetics.

More Calves

Synchronized cows will have 4 opportunities to conceive, not 3, in a 60-day breeding period.  Calves are tightly-grouped. Fifty percent calve at the start of calving season.